Mandatory COVID-19 test for futsal players in Spain

According to Spanish, futsal players who play in Spain will have a weekly test for COVID-19 disease.

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"The main thing is that the players will have weekly tests. They have fought together for it … The RFEF has been sensitive, and we thank them very much, for this claim of ALL futsal players, both professional and amateur. It has been complicated because it's a lot of licensing, a lot of budgets, a lot of sensitivities and a lot of time. We have to emphasize that the tests do not replace the individual responsibility that we all have (players, clubs, ...) as citizens. I appreciate the confidence and patience that players from all divisions represented by their captains... We move on and... for the tests", said Antonio Garcia-Plata Fernandez, the president of Association de Jugedores de Futbol Sala.

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