Viimsi FC Smsraha - Winners of Estonian Futsal Super Cup

A new futsal season has started on Saturday in Estonia with a Super Cup match between Viimsi FC Smsraha and Narva United FC.

Viimsi FC Smsraha, current Estonian champions, won the Super Cup with a 6:1 victory.

In the first half, the Viimsi team scored three unanswered goals - Ukranian 'legionnaires' Alexander Sorokin, Igor Ivanov and Alexey Fetko scored a goal each. After the break, Sorokin and Fetko scored one more goal and Erwin Steuf joined them on the scoring list. Sergei Fedorov scored a consolation goal for Narva United.

Typically, a Super Cup match is played by a champion and a Cup winner. If they are the same team, then the team that took the second place in the championship gets into the fight for the Super Cup. Last year's second palced team Alexela refused to participate in the league this season, so the third-placed club Narva United played in the Super Cup match.

The Estonian Futsal Championship starts this weekend!