Joinville dominates as Brazilian futsal playoff continues

Brazilian futsal playoff continued last night with three games played, and another three coming being played today! Last night we could have seen first matches between Assoeva - Joinville, Praia Clube - Umuarama and San Jose - Tubarao.

First match of the evening was Assoeva - Joinville. Joinville went to play Assoeva in Venâncio Aires, a city on the far south of Brazil and as expected, dominated for most of the match. Assoeva managed to hold Joinville back until 10th minute of the first half when Dieguinho scored after a nice turn from top of the box. It was downhill from there for Assoeva as Joinville scored three more goals by the half-time thanks to the efforts of Igor Costa, Gaius and Leco.

Ever since Joinville took the lead, Assoeva had the possession, but thanks to great defending and very nice transition, Joinville was never in true danger. Second half continued like much of the first half, with Assoeva trying to find the net, but it was Joinville's Crystian who locked the final result, 0-5 for Joinville.

Return match will be played on Sunday, 8th November.

Next up was clash between Praia Clube and Umuarama. Two clubs that finished the regular season with a very similar performance met last night in Uberlândia in southeastern Brazil and they dully delivered.

Praia Clube took the lead thanks to goal by Zazá in the first half, but we didn't wait long for Foguinho to tie the score for Umuarama. In last minute of the first half, Neto placed a very beautiful shot pass the away goalkeeper and Praia Clube went to break with lead.

In second half we could have seen how easily tables can turn. After a nice play, Umuarama first equalized thanks to a goal by Ouchita who had no problem putting the ball in the net from the post. Later, Umuarama's goalkeeper Alê Falcone sent one long ball in opponent's box, the ball touched a defender and found its way into back of the net, putting Umuarama in the lead.

Five minutes before full time however, Praia Clube managed to equalize after a nice passing play. Johnny Kevin was the last man on the ball who put it behind for final result of the match 3-3. Return leg is on Sunday.

Last match of the evening was one between São José and visiting Tubarao who were top of the Group C in the Main Round of the competition.

The first half of the match was balanced, with the two teams well posted and trying to score. São José opened the scoring with Biel, one of the competition's top scorers. After the goal, the Tubarão team showed the qualities that made the team the leader of group C and managed to find the back of the net thanks to a goal by experienced Ferrugem.

The second half of the match remained balanced, but without anyone being able to change the score. Teams looked for space and goal scoring chances, but ended up with a good performance of the defenders.

Unfortunately, highlights for this match are currently unavailable, but we will post them here if they happen to become available at some time.


Only one match is on schedule today, the one between Joacaba and Carlos Barbosa (21:00 local time). Carlos Barbosa are favorites in this duel, but we'll find out if they can justify this status right here on!