First six quarterfinalists of Brazilian futsal playoff known!

Round of 16 stage of Brazilian futsal playoffs is almost completed. Over the weekend we found out the first six teams that have progressed in the playoff quarterfinals.

After their first match-up ended in a draw, like many other match-ups in the Round of 16, Corinthians welcomed Foz Cataratas in the return leg and managed to secure a crucial 3-2 win.

Corinthians opened the scoring with a nice action-play which was finished by a Murilo who had no problems scoring on an empty net. However, at the middle of the half, Foz Cataratas' Willian equalized the score after a very nice placed shot from the right side.

Just three minutes before the half, Foz Cataratas take the lead thanks to a nice set piece action which ended with Dener's goal. Nevertheless, few seconds before the half-time, Leandro thrusted the ball inside the net to equalize the game.

In second half we could have seen a bit more cautionary mentality by both teams. However, three minutes before the full-time, Corinthians' Daniel Ferreira stole the ball and placed an accurate kick from his own side to an empty net, which eventually proved crucial for Corinthians who will play in the playoff quarterfinals.

After a goalless first leg, untypical for futsal, Magnus managed to overcome Campo Mourao with a 3-1 win.

Just like in their first match, there were no goals in the first half-half of the return leg. Goalkeepers Djony and Deivid deserve all the praise for that.

Only at the start of the second half did Magnus finally manage to break through Campo Mourao's defenses. Rodrigo torpedoed a ball into the net after a free kick from 8 meters.

After one counter-attack, Campo Mourao also finds the net. Djaelson took advantage of the situation and in the end had no trouble putting the ball inside the empty net.

However, three minutes before full time, Leozinho finds the net with a well-placed shot. Campo Mourao had to implement a 'flying goalkeeper' to try to catch the result, but Pett made sure that Magnus progresses in quarterfinals with another goal.

A very thrilling and exciting match was played between Cascavel and Minas. First match finished 3-3, so both teams went into the match with high hopes. Cascavel was pushing for goal for the whole first half and managed to get a goal in thanks to an effort by Jorginho only in the very last second of the first half!

At the start of the second half, Ribeiro equalized the score after a fantastic individual effort. Not long after, Ferro put Minas ahead after a nice team play. 

Cascavel put all their cards in attack and they got rewarded just one minute before full time. Carlão had time to place in a strong shot to equalize and take the match into extra time.

Although Cascavel had advantage of having one player more on the pitch for two minutes due to Minas' Libânio suspension, first half of the extra time remained goalless. Three minutes before full time, Henrique again put Minas ahead in the match. 

However, after a very beautiful passing play in the opposition half, Johnny equalized the score once again for Cascavel one minute before full time.

The match ended in a 3-3 draw, but Cascavel progressed to the next round. Although both matches ended in a draw, Cascavel progressed to the next round because they were a better seeded team in the playoffs, thanks to their main round campaign. 

Umuarama and Praia Clube played a 3-3 draw in their first match. This match proved to be equally entertaining as the first one, but it was the Praia Clube who eventually progressed in the next stage after a 3-4 victory after extra time.

Things looked so well for Umuarama in the first half. Thanks to goals by Hugo and Ouchita, they were up 2-0 and looked comfortable in front. However, Neto managed to get the ball in for the guests few second before half-time, but it was the goalkeeper who couldn't properly handle his powerful shot.

In the second half, Praia Clube continued with pressing and their Humberto equalized after one shot got rebounded from the opposition goalkeeper. 2-2 was the score when referee signaled the break before extra-time.

Immediately after the start of the extra-time, Zazá scored for Praia Clube and completely turned the result around. As the time went by, Umuarama implemented a 'flying goalkeeper' and thanks to a powerful, but beautiful shot by Batista, managed to equalize in the second half of extra time, just three minutes before full-time.

It was time now for Praia Clube to implement a 'flying goalkeeper', as a draw would mean they get knocked-out because Umuarama was better seeded team in this match-up. Their efforts got awarded just 15 seconds before full-time, when Zazá scored after a beautiful pass by Neto.

Fantastic and exhilarating match ended in Praia Clube favor as they progress to the playoff quarterfinal!

Another entertaining match this weekend in Brazil was decided only after extra time. Tubarão managed to get pass through São José and progress into quarterfinals after a 3-1 win after their first match ended in a 1-1 draw.

It started good for Tubarão as they took the lead after Julio's free-kick. In the second half, Vandinho equalized the score for São José and match went into extra time!

In extra-time, São José's Filipinho was left alone in front of the goal, but missed his shot that could have put guests ahead. São José got punished soon after. In the second half of extra time, Pakito and Pixote sealed the win for Tubarão who progress to play in the quarterfinals!

Joinville quite convincingly won away against Assoeva in their first match with 5-0. This weekend, they finished the job and progressed in the next round with a 2-1 win.

Dieguinho opened the scoring for the hosts after a nice trick-play from free-kick. Genaro extended Joinville's lead before half-time.

Assoeva had to score three goals in the second half to force extra time, but Joinville was not giving any presents away. Vini Scola managed to soften the blow for Assoeva, but in the end Joinville progresses to the next round.

Later today, Carlos Barbosa will host Joacaba in their second leg match-up (16:30 local time). First one ended 1-1, so both teams have everything to play for. If the match ends in a draw, Carlos Barbosa will progress into quarterfinals due to being a better seeded team in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the last match-up in the Round of 16 between Pato and Atlantico is still to be played (even the first leg). A number of Atlantico players were reported to have Covid-19 virus, and the matches will be played as soon as it becomes possible.

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