Spanish LNFS Round 8 recap, highlights and more

Among all the international drama in November, Spanish elite futsal division LNFS also continued with its campaign. This week through Tuesday and Wednesday it was time for Round 8 of the competition.

Since the compeptition started, many matches have been postponed for better times as Covid-19 virus is wreaking havoc. More of the same continued this week as well. Two matches were postponed because virus was found among team members: ElPozo Murcia - Jaen and Movistar Inter - Jimbee Cartagena.

Nevertheless, seven great games were on schedule!

Dramatic equalizer makes Santa Coloma and Antequera share points

First duel of Round 8 was between two teams from middle of the table: Santa Coloma - Antequera. Santa Coloma entered the match much better. In the 3rd minute, Alvarez was very clever in front of the goal and bagged one in for the lead. Miguel equalized for Antequera in the 10th minute after a nice counter-attack and a powerful shot.

In the 15th minute, after a nice passing play, Khalid put a well-placed shot behind the Antequera goalkeeper and Santa Coloma were in front once again. Teams went to the break with scoreboard showing 2-1 for the home team.

Both teams tried their best to score a goal in the second half, but only Antequera's Canto managed to do that just 10 seconds before full-time, equalizing the score to the final 2-2!

O Parrulo's poor form continues as Betis cruise over

Bottom last in the LNFS O Parrulo hosted Real Betis Futsal on Tuesday trying desperately to find that first win of the season. And things started in the perfect way for O Parrulo. In the 2nd and 11th minute of the match, Miguel and Samartino Obarrio put the home team in front 2-0! Until then, O Parrulo seemed like a better team on the court.

But all good things eventually come to an end. In the 17th minute, Blanco reduced the gap for Real Betis Futsal after a nicely placed shot from the outside. In the same minute, O Perrol players didn't react in the best way in front of their goal and instead of making a clearance they put the ball back in their own net. 2-2 on halftime!

Immediately in the second half, Betis' Eric Perez scored for the away team's lead. Chaguina and another goal by Blanco sealed the win for the visiting team, 2-5!

Hard fought draw between Zaragoza and Peñiscola 

Next match-up was between two playoff place holders at the top of the league table and both teams justified their form in this great futsal match.

Zaragoza took the first lead in 10th after Retamar scored a nice goal after a nice team action. Few minutes later, Peñiscola turns the result around in just 30 seconds thanks to goals by Orzaez and Torres

Excitement was not over as Rojas equalized for the home team in 14th minute of the match from the penalty spot. Peñiscola's Rahali handballed and referee was quick to show to the spot. Teams took the break with 2-2 on the scoreboard.

Zaragoza opened the second half a bit more aggressive. After they took possession of one ball at their own half, they quickly transitioned to the attack and Ortego had no problems in putting that one away for another Zaragoza lead.

As the match got closer to the end, Peñiscola implemented a 'flying goalkeeper' to gain advantage in the attack. Their efforts were rewarded in the last minute, when Tuli equalized the score. The match ended 3-3.

Levante keeps winning at the top of the table

Last match on Tuesday was between first-placed Levante and playoff hopeful Burela. Levante are still to lose or draw in the LNFS and that will remain like that, at least for a while, as Levante cruised against Burela.

Match started in the best possible way for Levante as Lemos Marino scored immediately in the first minute of the match! Levante were a better team throughout the first half and they completely deservedly increased their lead by half-time to 3-0 after goals by Rivillos and Esteban.

By middle of the second half, Quintela managed to get a goal in after a rebound to reduce Levante's lead, but just a few minutes later Guisado extended the lead again after a powerplay situation.

In the dying minutes of the match, Burela's Pitero managed to score a goal to soften the blow but Levante were too powerful this week for Burela and they extend their maximum run in this campaign!

Ribera Navarra wins against Cordoba to escape relegation zone

Both teams find themselves around relegation zone after the season start and both teams are looking to get away from it as far and fast as possible. Cordoba Patrimonio seemed to gain possession and control at the start of the match, but after a quick counter-attack in the 11th minute find themselves lagging one goal behind. Minguez was the scorer who put Ribera Navarra in front.

In the same minute, after a nice push through the right side, Uge was in a clear opportunity he did not miss and put the away team in two-goal lead. Shocking for Cordoba as they concede two goals in less than 30 seconds of play. Nothing changed until half-time.

In the second period - another quick shock for Cordoba. Although they seemed to have control of the possession, Minguez had another nice run and a well-placed shot put his team three goals ahead in the 27th minute of the match!

Cordoba had nothing to lose at this point and they started to play more aggressively. Until the end of the match they managed to score two goals thanks to efforts by Sanchez and Del Moral, but were unable to produce an equalizing goal.

You can watch the full match right here.

Valdepeñas and Palma Futsal draw with unusual result

Valdepeñas Viña Albali is lurking around playoff spots this season, while Palma Futsal finds itself on the provisional second place.

Every point is crucial to both teams, but neither of them believed they would finish this match with a hard draw. Although both teams gave their best to try and win the match, nets remained calm through the entire match. Most responsible for this were both goalkeepers, Valdepeñas' Edu and Palma's Fabio.

Full match is available to every futsal enthusiast right below.

Barcelona finally wins

After six untypically winless rounds, Barcelona finally made three points this round and managed to break away from dead last position on the table. They are still deep in relegation zone, but things are looking much more optimistic now.

Their first victims of the season were Osasuna Magna. Barcelona took control early on and in the 8th minute, Esquerdinha managed to get around the goalkeeper and the ball behind him for deserved Barca lead. 

In the 17th minute, Lozano scored a nice goal from the left side after Rodrigues made a great run through the middle. Just like that Barca took the 0-2 lead, although it is worth noting that Osasuna had its opportunities to score but thanks to Barca's defenders and especially Didac on the goal, they did not concede a goal in the first half.

In second half, Osasuna came out attacking. In many chances they created they couldn't find the net. After implementing the 'flying goalkeeper' they got punished by no other than Didac himself after a nice drop-kick from his own goal.

Osasuna went to an all-out attack and almost created an upset. Mancuso first scored a nice goal after a great shot, and then scored another one from the free-kick. With minute and half left to play, Osasuna tried to push for the equalizer, but was left short in the end as Lozano put one away on an empty net just seconds before full-time.

Barcelona celebrates its first victory in this year's LNFS.