VIDEO: Barça scored three goals in last 90 seconds and striked league leader in Valencia!

10th round LNFS's derby was held on Wednesday evening between the league leader Levante and European champion Barça in Valencia. Before the match, Levante was the only 100% team in the league, and Barça had only five points out of eight matches.

However, Barça proved class and secured an important victory over the strong Levante team. The first half ended goallessly. Adolfo opened the scoreline for Barça in 23'. Ferrao doubled the lead in 28'. Rafa Usin scored for Levante only 17 seconds later after the free-kick. Hosts continued to dominate and managed to equalize in 33' after a great strike from Pedro Toro

The result was a tie until 1:29 before the end when Sergio Lozano scored after the left-foot strike. Levante tried to equalize playing the power-play but experienced Barcelona's team took advantage of that and scored two more goals (Adolfo 39' and André Coelho 40') for the end result of Levante - Barcelona 2:5.

Spain champion Inter Movistar lost another two points in the home match against Ribera Navarra (3:3). Inter had 2:0 lead in the second minute after Nil (own-goal) and Stripe scored for the hosts. Minquez scored in the 4' for Navarra and Jon got Inter another two-goal lead in 27'. However, guest managed to equalize with Minguez (32') and Lemine (35') scoring for Navarra's 8th point.

O Parrulo Ferrol secured the season's first victory and defeated BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera on the home parquet (6:3), and Real Betis Futsal got a convincing victory over the Jaén (7:3).