Tubarão secures semifinal berth in the LNF playoff

After their first match ended in a 2-2 draw, 'Sharks' (3rd) were dominant in the return match and with a nice 6-3 win secured the berth in the Brazilian playoff semi-final against Praia Clube (9th)!

Scoring was opened by Tubarão's Suelton in the second minute of the match, after a nice pick in the opponent's third and a well-placed shot. By the middle of the first half, in a similar situation as with the first goal, Praia Clube equalized thanks to an effort by Zaza.

Just two minutes later, Johnny Kevin put the guest in front after a beautiful shot from around 10 meters!

Second half started with more of Tubarão's pressure. It paid off immediately, as Suelton scored again and put his team level. One minute later and 'Sharks' are in front thanks to a well-placed shot by Passamani.

However, Praia Clube certainly showed they are no pushovers, as a few short minutes later, Humberto put the teams level again after a pinball-play in front of Tubarão's goal.

However, when Tubarão's goalkeeper Henrique scored a great goal all the way from his own box-area to put his team in front, things went downhill for Praia Clube.

Immediately after, after a nicely trained set-piece action, Ronaldo extended the lead and Ferrugem scored on the empty net in the closing minutes of the match.

Tubarão will play Magnus Futsal (1st) in the semi-finals of the LNF's playoff. In the second part of the draw, Pato will look to salvage a bad situation, if possible, after a first match defeat against Joinville. Unfortunately, Covid-19 found its way among member of the Carlos Barbosa team and their return match against Corinthians has been postponed. First match ended in a 2-2 draw.