KPRF secures an important win against Tyumen in Superliga

KPRF continues with their all-win campaign in the Russian Superliga after beating Tyumen last night with a convincing 6-3 result.

UEFA Futsal Champions League semifinalists from Russia, KPRF and Tyumen, played their first out of two league matches with KPRF as hosts. Just a small clarification for those who are new to Russian futsal - local futsal system requires two teams to play two matches against each othe in space of two days, with one team being the host. Later in the championship, the other team will be the host in the second two-match round-up. Also, one very important thing to know - one half of the match is 25 minutes long, meaning the whole match lasts for 50 minutes, instead of the usual 40.

KPRF and Tyumen were supposed to play their first match-up in October, but due to the teams' obligations in the UEFA Futsal Champions League Final Four tournament, it was postponed until this week.

Although KPRF has two games less then Tyumen (because of another postponed matches against Sinara Yekaterinburg, to be played in December), two teams met with equal number of points, sharing the first place in league. Tyumen's potential win could have complicated things at the top of the table.

Tyumen unable to stop KPRF's charge.

After "surviving" few of Tyumen's shot opportunities, KPRF took the lead thanks to a beautiful shot from the left side by Romulo in the 7th minute. Few minutes later, Lin scored a power shot off the crossbar. In the 20th minute Nando extended the lead for KPRF and Tyumen's Ivan Milovanov put the ball in his own net few minutes later, but was unable to stop the goal anyway. KPRF took a big 4-0 lead to the half-time.

It took some time for goals to start in the second half, but eventually Tyumen's Sergej Abramovich found the net in 40th minute with a nice volley-kick. Tyumen was playing with five players on the court at that time and they got punished with a goal on an empty net after a long strike by Artem Nijazov in the 48th minute.

Maksim Emelyanov and Danil Karpyuk soften the blow for Tyumen by the end of the match, with Oleg Kruchinin scoring 6th goal for KPRF after a nice cross.

KPRF now has a three-point lead ahead of Tyumen on the second place in the league, but more importantly - two matches less! Second match of this round-up will be played later today (17:00 local time).