Acqua e Sapone win in a 19-goal thriller!

Yes, you read that right. Last night, Acqua e Sapone in Italian Seria A won away against Came Dosson in a 19-goal thriller! To make it more interesting, they won 10-9, with a goal in the last minute. Let's take it step by step.

Belsito put the home team in front in the first minute of the match. However, Acqua e Sapone were not distracted as they scored four goals in the space of 10 minutes thanks to the efforts by Calderolli, Lukaian and twice by Murilo.

By the end of the first half, Came Dosson scored another thanks to Schiochet, but Calderolli struck again for visiting Acqua e Sapona just before half-time, making it 2-5 for the visiting team.

Probably nobody thought that the match will unfold as it did when in the first minute of the second half, iconic goalkeeper Stefano Mammarella scored for visitors, extending their lead to 2-6.

In the space of just one minute, Came Dosson scored twice thanks to efforts of Ugherani and Arlan. Nevertheless, Calderolli scored his third goal on the match to bring his team back on a three-goal margin.

But Came Dosson duo struck again in space of one minute. Once more, Ugherani and Arlan put Came Dosson in position to salvage something from this match. Current result: 6-7. 16 minutes of play remaining.

This small lead got extended in the very same minute by Acqua e Sapone's Gui. But, excitement did not stop there as Arlan managed to score from a penalty spot to bring his team back on track, trailing "just" one goal.

This match was all about attack, which was proved just one minute later when Murilo scored his third goal on the match, ninth for Acqua e Sapone. This put his team two goals ahead with 14 minutes still left on the clock. Futsal enthusiasts know that that is more than enough time for still anything to happen.

And, in fact, it was enough for Came Dosson to score two goals in the next 10 minutes, thanks to efforts by Arlan (his fourth!) and Grippi. Five minutes before full-time this match was finally leveled! 9-9!

But, futsal wouldn't be futsal and this match wouldn't be a instant classic if it had ended that way. In the last minute of the match, Acqua e Sapone's Coco Wellington bagged his first goal of the match, tenth for his team, to secure big three points for Seria A's leading team - Acqua e Sapone.

It was their fifth victory in the same number of games and they still have two games less than Pesaro on the second place. Came Dosson currently lies 7th, in a play-off spot.

Unfortunately, highlights for this thriller of a match are still unavailable. Some poor soul is probably still editing all the goals. Once they became available, we will publish them right here on!