Atlântico wins Brazilian futsal Super Cup opener

Brazilian futsal Super Cup started last night with a duel between Atlântico and Corinthians. Three teams take part in this competition: Atlântico, Corinthians and Pato. Each of the teams got to this stage by winning one of the three major futsal competitions in Brazil: LNF (national league) and two Cups (Copa do Brasil and Taça Brasil)

All teams will play each other once in a three-team group. Team at the top of the group after two matches secures a place in the Super Cup final, while second and third team will play for the final.

Atlântico opens with an exciting victory

Atlântico won the first match against Corinthians in an exciting match that ended 4-3. Both teams gradually created opportunities, but the first goal came in 9th minute, when Atlântico's Sinésio found the net with a nicely placed shot after the corner kick.

A minute later, Corinthians equalized through Jackson, after a free kick. Teams went to half-time with 1-1 on the scoreboard.

Second half started with a bang! First, Corinthians' Eder Lima turned the score around and put his team in front after a nice passing-play just 20 seconds into the second half.

Nevertheless, Atlântico's Cléber scored from the penalty spot in the very same minute to equalize to score again. Few minutes later - Corinthians are again in front thanks to Jackson, who scored his second, again from free kick.

Atlântico then missed another penalty shot, but managed to equalize in the 31st minute thanks to an effort by Galo. In the 38th minute of the match, Atlântico's Dill turned a 10m free kick into a goal, creating another and final lead change in this exciting match!

Later today (16:00 local time), Corinthians will play Pato in the Brazilian futsal Super Cup.

Full match between Atlântico and Corinthians is also available and we bring you the exact moments in the video when goals were scored:

  • 0:1 Sinésio (33:20)
  • 1:1 Jackson (36:30)
  • 2:1 Eder Lima (1:13:25)
  • 2:2 Cléber (1:16:00)
  • 3:2 Jackson (not in video)
  • 3:2 Missed penalty (1:28:45)
  • 3:3 Galo (1:30:53)
  • 3:4 Dill (1:43:15)