Early upsets in the Spanish futsal Copa del Rey

Spanish futsal Cup (Copa del Rey) coninued this week with 14 matches being held throughout Spain. Teams participating in the First and Second division take part, with also some teams from lower divisions.

Draw is made in such manner that nominally weaker teams play at home in this single-match tie. This resulted that only four home teams made it to the next stage of the Cup, and most of them we can decribe as upsets.

Biggest one definitelly being lower-division's Sala 5 Martorell CS victory over Peniscola FS who hold a respectable 5th place in the elite LNFS. The semi-professional team Martorell won 4-3, thanks to a brilliant effort in the second half in which they turned the result around.

Leading Second division team Noia won against bottom last First division team O Parrulo with a big 5-1 victory. Noia had a 4-0 lead at the half-time and mearly finished the job in the second. Noia are certainly looking competitive enough for First division.

Furthermore, currently pointless Second division team Mengibar won against LNFS' Cordoba (currently 14th) with a very convincing 5-0 victory!

Fourth home team to win at the start of the Copa del Rey was Antequera who won 3-2 against Real Betis. We wouldn't call that exactly an upset since both teams are in the elite LNFS, but their current form certainly suggests that Real Betis is at a better place at the moment and will have to take this loss under the chin.

Barcelona and Inter will join these 14 teams in the Round of 16.