You think ElPozo – Barça TV numbers were great? Check out these from Finland…

Yesterday, after we published an article that more than 215.000 people watched last week's LNFS derby between ElPozo Murcia and Barça, our faithful reader contacted us with information about the numbers regarding the first-leg playoff match for the World Cup between Serbia and Finland (1:0), played on 6th November in Kragujevac (Serbia).

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According to public information, the match between Serbia and Finland has reached 377 000 people in Finland, with an average of 119 000 people watching their national team's effort to qualify for their first-ever major competition.

That match was the 8th most viewed program on Finnish YLE TV2 television that week.

Those are magnificent numbers according to the fact that Finland's population is "only" 5.5 million and that futsal was a relatively unfamiliar sport for the Finnish less than ten years ago.

The second playoff leg should have taken place on 10th November in Vantaa. Still, it was postponed due to an infected Finnalnd's player.

Therefore, the match will take place on 9th December.

What do you think, will the second-leg match break the first game viewership record?

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