Brazilian futsal final starts with a draw!

Two best attacking fronts in the league were stopped by both team's hard defenses in the first leg of LNF final match-up between Corinthians and Magnus played in Sao Paulo.

We didn't wait long for first goal of the evening though. Leozinho managed to find Charuto after a nice individual dribble in front of the box. Charuto had no problem of bagging the goal behind for early Magnus lead.

Equalizing goal came few minutes before the break when Corinthians high pressure payed off. Devies collected one loose ball and knocked in behind the keeper for 1-1, a result that would eventually prove to be final result of the match.

After the break, both teams played very cautiously. In the last phase of the match, Magnus' goalkeeper Djony handballed outside the area and Corinthians had a two-minute opportunity to score with an extra player on court.

However, they were unable to and the result did not change, ending the match with a 1-1 draw.

Because Magnus' home court in Sorocaba is being used for pandemic purposes, Magnus will host Corinthians on Sunday (20/11, 13:15 local time) in Votorantim. Whoever wins the match in regular time - wins the championship. If there happens to be another draw after regular time - extra time is played. Whoever wins in extra time, wins the championship. If match ends in a draw in extra time - Magnus will take the title since they have a better playoff seed and finished the regular season convincingly first.