Santa Coloma allow no surprises in Copa del Rey

Most of the Spanish Copa del Rey matches of Round of 16 have been played yesterday with Jaen creating the minor upset against a strong Cartagena team with a 4-2 home win. Barcelona was victorious against Burela with a nice 3-0 win, while Inter Movistar showed no signs of complacency in a big 6-0 against a Second division Mengibar.

Valdepeñas had no trouble in overcoming Second division Noia thanks to a 4-1 away win and Santa Coloma did not allow any surprises against lower league side Sala 5 Martorell finishing the match with a comfortable 6-3 away victory.

Jaen pips Cartagena for Cup quarterfinals

Jaen got in the lead by the middle of the first half thanks to a goal by Campoy. A few minutes later we saw a barrage on both sides with bot Jaen's Felipe Mancha and Cartagena's Franklin scoring in a space of one minute. Jaen took a 2-1 lead to the break.

Piqueras extended the home side's lead in the second half, only for Croatian international Marinović to score for Cartagena in the same minute. Cartagena pushed for the equalizing goal but it was Jaen's Felipe Mancha who scored his second goal of the day close to full time to make the final result 4-2 to Jaen.

Barcelona ease past Burela

Ximbinha put Barcelona in front in the opening phase of the match. The match was pretty aggressive which can be confirmed by three yellow cards that Barcelona's players received by half-time.

By the middle of the second half, Ximbinha extended Barca's lead and Adolfo only confirmed a nice 3-0 victory for the Catalan side in the dying seconds of the match.

Inter cruise into the quarterfinals

Inter were playing away this round against a team from the Second division - Menigbar. Thanks to Raya who scored in the opening minutes and then again just before the break - Inter was two goals up by half-time.

Tripodi, Herrero, Fer Drasler, and Pola all added another goal each throughout the second half to confirm Inter's progress into the quarterfinals as Inter showed no signs of complacency.

Noia posed no trouble to Valdepeñas 

Valdepeñas went to play away against a Second division side Noia who were hoping for an upset. But it was Valdepeñas' Matheus Preá who scored the only goal in the first half, just before the break.

Valdepeñas were working hard to break through Noia's defenses in order to extend their lead. They managed to do that only in the 34th minute when Álex García found the back of the net, followed by goals by Chino and Dani Santos. Álex Naranjo scored a consolation goal for the home side in the last minute of the match.

Santa Coloma allow no surprises against Martorell

Lower league side Martorell staged a big upset in the last round of Copa del Rey knocking out First division side Peniscola with a 4-3 win and were hoping they can repeat their feat against Santa Coloma at home.

And they were not far off! Ramón put the home side in front after a penalty kick. Things started to look dire for Santa Coloma when Fouad scored to extend Martorell's lead. It was then the Slovak international Drahovský who finally found the way to the back of the net to cut the lead and then before half-time Drahovský again scored from the 10m spot to equalize the result before the break.

Hosts showed some resistance in the second half scoring their third goal of the evening, but they were unable to stop Santa Coloma. Cardona scored the double, followed by a goal from Cristian and the third of the evening for Drahovský which confirmed Santa Coloma's place in the Copa del Ray quarterfinals!


The last three matches of the round are on the schedule today. Antequera will host Palma Futsal (18:30 local time), while ElPozo Murcia plays against Zaragoza (20:00 local time), as well as Levante against Osasuna (20:00 local time).