Thiago Raupp is the new Atlântico head coach

Thiago Nunes Raupp, also known as Thiago Gordo, will be the new Atlântico coach in 2021! The news was confirmed by the official LNF website. This young coach raised a lot of eyebrows after a few very good stints with Tubarão where he worked as a coach since 2017.

This year, Raupp finished third overall in the regular season with Tubarão, clinching Group C, and has been in competition for the LNF's Best Coach of the Year Award.

“My expectations for taking on this new challenge are the best possible. I hope to help my new team in the best way and of course, we will work hard from the first day to be champions of the National League and the other competitions that we take part in", said Raupp.