Olmissum versus Vrgorac in the Croatian Cup final

Croatian Cup Final Four tournament in Split started yesterday with two matches meaning that today's finalists are known!

The first match of the Final Four tournament was one between current league Champions Olmissum and vice-champions Novo Vrijeme who played a very exciting match.

After the regular time, the scoreboard showed 3:3 and the match went to penalties. Just how close this duel was is best depicted by the fact that we got our first finalist only after the sixth series of penalty kicks. Olmissum was more concentrated and progresses to the final - the Croatian Cup is the only trophy they are currently lacking.

In the second match of the evening, Final Four tournament's host FC Split, who find themselves currently at the top of the Second Division, played against a good Vrgorac side. FC Split was unable to hold off Vrgorac attacks as they scored 4 goals in the match, conceding none, making the final score 4:0 for Vrgorac.

It will be Olmissum versus Vrgorac for the Croatian Cup, a local (regional) derby for two Croatian teams to decide who takes the 2020 Cup. Their match is on schedule today at 19:00, local time.