Another shock for Saviesta Mantova, Came Dosson jumped on the second place

After having a great start, Saviesta Mantova lost second in a row (third in last four matches) in Italian Serie A on the home parquet against Came Dosson (2:3). With this win, Came Dosson jumped on the second place with three points and two games more than the champion Italservice Pesaro (who plays today against Real San Giuseppe).

Dosson's Thiago Grippi opened the scoreline in 3', and Mantova equalized in 18' after Pedro Espindola's own goal.

In the 1st minute of the second half, Croat Ante Daničić committed a penalty, and Arlan Pablo Vieira scored from it. 30 seconds later, Daničić got it's second yellow card and Vieira scored in 23' in a power-play.

The minute after, another Croat Luka Suton scored for the final result of Mantova – Came Dosson 2:3.