Futsal community reacts to rumors about the World Cup cancelation

Recently, FutsalFeed reported about the rumors that were in the futsal community "grapevine" about the cancelation of the Futsal World Cup that Spanish futsal journalist and analyst Gustavo Muñana talked about on his Twitter account.

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Brazilian national team head coach, futsal coach, and expert Marquinhos Xavier reacted vigorously to these rumors. Although no official statement has been issued by FIFA or any other governing body, Marquinhos Xavier stated that he will not stand idly by if the Mundial gets cancelled and added that he is tired of so much neglect - presumably towards the sport of futsal and futsal community.

Many have connected this decision about cancelation with problems that AFC faces ahead of organizing the AFC Futsal Cup - a continental tournament that also serves as a qualification tournament for the World Cup.

To end this news bulletin on a positive note, Iranian journalists reported that Iran's national team head coach Mohammad Nazem Al-Sharia said that he's not aware of the rumored cancellation of the Asian Futsal Cup. New scarce information states that the AFC Futsal Cup will be postponed once again until May.

In addition, as reported by FutsalPlanet.com, "FIFA media departments confirmed that there is currently no intention to cancel or postpone [the World Cup]."

What is your take on this? Do you think the AFC Futsal Cup, and subsequently the Futsal World Cup will get canceled or that in the end - everything will end up as planned? Let us know in the comment section!