Senegal to Start Futsal Championship

Great news from Western Africa as the Senegalese Football Federation's (FSF) Executive Committee officially stated that they decided to launch the "promotional" futsal competition for the 2020/2021 season in eight regions: Dakar, Saint-Louis, Thiès, Fatick, Kaolack, Tambacounda, Ziguinchor, and Kolda.

It must be said that the fight of Senegalese futsal enthusiasts towards formal recognition has been rather long. Tournaments on the local level, but even those with an international character, have been present in Senegal for quite some time now. But it was only recently decided that the whole structure of the competition will be held under the auspices of the FSF.

Alioune Badara Wade had traveled the country to popularize futsal across Senegal. According to him, “Ziguinchor and Fatick are the only two target regions where we haven't really played futsal yet."

Futsal has the advantage of not needing a large space to play. And according to Wade, futsal has a good chance of prospering in Senegal, especially in universities and high schools which almost all have handball fields on which futsal can be played, as reported by

Also, the format of this championship is known. Senegalese futsal should start by playing in each of the 8 mentioned leagues. After which, there will be a play-off between the best team of each region with the exception of Dakar which will qualify two teams.

FutsalFeed extends a big warm welcome to the Senegalese futsal community!