Kairat wins against VITEN Orsha to secure Round of 16

With a big lead in the first half, futsal giants Kairat secured the next round of the UEFA Futsal Champions League in a match against VITEN Orsha.

The Kazakh team got to a great start and by half-time already had a big 3-0 lead thanks to efforts by Valadares, Humberto, and Favero.

Peremitin scored for the VITEN Orsha at the begging of the second half and the Belarus side tried to get something out of this match.

In the 34th minute of the match, VITEN Orsha scored again and found themselves at a nice opportunity to try to push for an equalizing goal. It was Kozel who scored for the Belarus side.

However, in the next possession, Orazov extended the lead for Kairat to put them at a seemingly safe distance. Only seemingly, because Gusakov scored in the 36th minute to put VITEN Orsha just one goal behind.

Unfortunately for them, they were unable to parry the mighty Kairat as Douglas Junior scored to extend the lead - once again - with two minutes to play.

Kairat Almaty progressed to the UEFA Futsal Champions League Round of 16 with an away 5-3 win against the fierce VITEN Orsha from Belarus.