Lučenec posed no threat to mighty KPRF

Slovakian champions Lučenec hosted the last UEFA Futsal Champions League Final Four participants and leading Russian team KPRF in the Round of 32 match.

KPRF asserted its dominance from the start of the match. Lučenec's Serbin scored an own goal in the early phase of the match to put KPRF in front. KPRF built on that and thanks to goals by Paulinho, Raúl Gómez, Bagirov, Asadov, and Nando took a huge 6-0 lead to the half-time.

In the second half, Lučenec managed to soften the blow. Wellington found the back of the net in the 30th minute to put the home side on the scoreboard.

In the 39th minute, Raúl Gómez only confirmed KPRF's victory with his second goal of the match. In a match where their superiority never came into question, KPRF qualified for the UEFA Futsal Champions League Round of 16!