ITALY: In 25 seconds Came Dosson scored three goals and defeated league leader! (VIDEO)

The third-placed Came Dosson defeated the leading Acqua&Sapone Unigross 3:2 on Acqua's parquet. After the defeat, Acqua&Sapone remained at the top of the table, with four points more than the second-placed Italservice Pesaro and six more than the third-placed Came Dosson.

Although in futsal we can see many goals in a short period, it is incredible that Came Dosson got to victory with only three goals in 25 seconds!

After Acqua's Baptista Lukaian scored an opener in 3', Came Dosson had their "crazy" streak in 10th minute of the match. Thiago Grippi scored from the free kick in 09:17 on the screen. Less than 20 seconds later, Grippi first shot the post, and then his second goal for Came Dossons lead. Six seconds later, in 09:42 on the screen, Grippi assisted Matheus Dener, who scored an amazing header and 3:1 lead for the guest team.

After a lot of missed chances in the second half, Acqua&Saone managed to score the second goal, for the final result of 2:3, in the last minute of the match.

In the other two yesterday's matches of the 17th round, Meta Catania defeated Real San Giuseppe 7:3, and Signor Prestito was better against Colormax Pescara 8:3.