Nagoya Oceans one point away from the title

The current Japanese futsal champions Nagoya Oceans continue their almost perfect run in the 20/21 F.League campaign. With 17 games over and done, Nagoya Oceans find themselves comfortably at the top of the table with 16 victories and 1 loss. Nagoya also has one match less than second-placed Pescadola Machida, to make their position even more favorable.

Nagoya's dominant form continued this weekend when they won against Bardral Urayasu with a 4-2 away victory. You can watch the highlights by clicking this link here!


Since there will be no playoffs this season in Japan, Nagoya is now just one match (or rather one point!) away from mathematically clinching the title for the second year in a row.

They will get this opportunity next weekend when they play Pescadola Machida, or even if Vasagey Oita does not win against Yokohama FC (YSCC).