2020 Taça Brasil dates and fixtures decided

After being initially postponed, CBFS has announced dates and fixtures of the 47th edition of futsal Taça Brasil. Due to pandemic reasons, this year's edition will consist of 9 teams divided into two groups.

The competition will be held in the city of Tubarão from 14 to 20 February.

Group A:

  • Associação Atlética Banco do Brasil - AABB – São Paulo (SP),
  • Associação Atlética Portuguesa - Portuguesa (RJ),
  • Minas Tênis Clube (MG),
  • Unidos do Alvorada Esporte Clube – U.A.E.C. (AM),
  • Associação Desportiva de Futsal Tubaronense – ADFT - Tubarão (SC) 

Group B:

  • AJEC – Associação Joaçaba de Esporte e Cultura - Joaçaba (SC),
  • UNIPA – União Independente de Pais e Atletas - Foz Cataratas (PR),
  • Associação Recreativa Cultural Unidos do Cruzeiro - ARUC (DF),
  • Douradina Esporte Clube (MS)

The competition champions will participate in the Super Cup alongside Dois Vizinhos (champion of the Copa do Brasil) and with Magnus de Sorocaba (champion of the National Futsal League - LNF).