Jaén FS wins in Córdoba to escape relegation zone (HIGHLIGHTS)

In a highly disrupted Spanish futsal championship due to the Covid-19 reasons, Jaén FS is one of those teams that have significantly fewer matches than their rivals. After yesterday's match only 13, out of 18 weeks of play.

Nevertheless, their match against Cordoba was an important one as both teams found themselves in the relegation zone.

Jaén's Attos opened the scoring in the 8th minute of the match and the scoreboard did not change more in the first half, although Córdoba had an extra player advantage for 2 minutes after Jaén's goalkeeper Gozi got sent off for handballing outside the box.

With some nice trickery in the penalty area, Michel extended the lead for Jaén at the start of the second half. Later in the match, Córdoba had to implement the flying goalkeeper, and after Boyos scored for hosts they thought they could salvage something out of this.

Unfortunately for them, Jaén's reserve goalkeeper Marcao scored on an empty net from his own half to secure victory for Jaén and to escape the relegation zone.