Croatia wins in Denmark for important points

After winning at home against Albania on Wednesday, Croatia repeated the triumph away in Denmark on Sunday. Croatia sits at the top of Group 1 with two victories from two matches. Their next opponent is Ukraine, a match to be played in Osijek (Croatia) on 3 March (to be confirmed). Ukraine is still to play its first match, against Albania (31 January).

Croatia's all three scorers from their first match earlier this week - scored again, coupled with Josip Suton adding his first in this qualification cycle by scoring for Croatia in the 7th minute for the lead. Nevertheless, Denmark's Jørgensen scored just a few minutes later to level the score. Teams took this result to the break.

With goals by Perišić, Marinović, and Matošević, Croatia confirmed the victory against Denmark to equal their victory against Albania - 4:1.