Euro 2022 qualifiers: Six matches, the most interesting ones in Italy, Spain and Georgia

Six matches of the 2022 Euro qualifiers will be held today all over Europe. In 15:00 CET Georgia will host Russia in group 2 and Italy will host Finland in group 7. Both matches are considered among the most interesting ones in today's schedule. There is a big rivalry between the former Soviet republics and strong Finland knock out Italy from the 2021 Worl Cup qualifiers. Therefore, Futsal Azzuri are eagerly waiting for revenge at the home parquet in Prato.

At 17:00 CET both Group 3 matches will be played. Slovakia will host Moldova and Greece Azerbaijan

In 20:00 CET Belgium hosts Montenegro (Group 7), and today's derby will be played at 20:45 in Madrid where Spain will host strong Slovenia.

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