Falcão and Rodrigo comment the Futsalplanet Awards

A lot of dust has been lifted after a comment in Globo Esporte by Falcão, one of the best futsal players to ever play the game, in regards to the Futsalplanet Awards for best futsal players and teams of 2020. His comments come after Magnus' player Rodrigo's post on Instagram in which he also voiced his discontent about this year's awards ceremony.

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Falcão made his feelings about this public when he said that Magnus Sorocaba Futsal, their defender Rodrigo and coach Ricardinho, all deserved to be pronounced as the best in their categories for having an undefeated season in Brazil, one of the strongest leagues and competitions in the world. 

Falcão's discontent also had a vague comment about his compatriots who would rather vote for anyone else, except their rival team or player, even if they are deserving of a title.

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The futsal professionals who voted for best players in the Futsalplanet Awards ceremony gave these awards to Barcelona, their player Ferrão and their coach Andreu Plaza, who have won the Champions League in 2020.

Despite Falcão's and other critics, the FutsalPlanet Awards have been the central ceremony for best futsal players and teams for more than two decades now, and have been instrumental in the promotion and growth of futsal. Therefore, we hope that these debates will not cause any further divides, but will serve as a constructive exchange of ideas that can make the future award ceremonies, and the whole sport, better.