Gian Wolverine joins Pato Futsal

A big signing for Pato Futsal! Their goal in the next season will be guarded by Giancarlo Ramos Rodolopho, or more commonly known as Gian Wolverine, as reported by LNF official website! This very successful goalkeeper is very excited about his new gig at Pato Futsal.

Recently, Gian Wolverine was the goalkeeper for Carlos Barbosa since 2018 and has guarded the Brazilian national team goal on the 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Colombia.

“I have been in the city for the past few days and I have already been able to feel the warmth of the fans, the warmth of the Pato-Branquense people. The challenge is to be in this great team and play big games, as Pato Futsal is a big name on the national and international scene ”, he commented upon his arrival at Pato.

“I worked with Paulinho(Pato Futsal coach) for three years and much of what I achieved in futsal is because of him. I believe that his knowledge, linked to his experience, and the security that he gives to us players, will be very positive for this team and we will see extremely competitive Pato Futsal”, added Gian.


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