SPAIN: Levante tops the table, Betis smashed Inter (VIDEO)

Levante defeated Industrias Santa Coloma in a thrilling match (5:4) in Valencia and reached the Primera Division table's top. Guest played great in the first period and had a 4:3 lead at half-time. Drahovsky scored twice (7' and 18'), and Petry (9') and Sepe (17') once. However, after Rivillos (2'), Rescia (8') and Esteban's (12') goals in the first half and two Pedro Toro's goals (28' and 33') in the second part, Levante reached a vital victory and secured the first place for at least one full day.

In the other yesterday's match, Real Betis surprisingly defeated Inter Movistar (4:2) at home parquet for the champions' second consecutive defeat. The first-half ended with a 1:0 lead for the hosts (Buendia 14'). Pito equalized in 29', and in the last five minutes of the match, we watched quite a show! First, Saldise scored for Inter and turnover. But, Betis didn't surrender and managed to secure a victory in the last two and a half minutes. Buenda scored his second after a freekick. Third (Chaguinha) and fourth (Cidao - goalkeeper) goals Betis scored while Inter was playing with flying-goalkeeper.

Four LNFS's matches will be held today and the biggest derby of the round between Barça and Palma Futsal will be held on Sunday at 12:00 CET.