(HIGHLIGHTS) Sinara Yekaterinburg wins KPRF in a double-header

Sinara Yekaterinburg has taken a provisional pole position in the Russian Superliga which was further confirmed by two big victories at home in space of two days against the current league champions KPRF.

Sinara Yekaterinburg 7-1 KPRF

In their first match on Saturday, Sinara Yekaterinburg defeated KPRF with a whopping 7-1 victory. Prudnikov opened the scoring for the home team by the middle of the first half, but Bagirov equalized for KPRF soon after.

After that - it was only Sinara Yekaterinburg. Demin, Abramov, and Sokolov all scored by half-time for a comfortable home team lead. Their victory was only confirmed in the second half with goals by Sorokin and Ivanov and by the second goal of the evening by Demin.

Sinara Yekaterinburg 6-1 KPRF

If KPRF thought about scraping something from this double-header on Sunday, their hopes were quickly shut down. Gerasimov, Abramov, and Fakhrutdinov all scored for Sinara Yekaterinburg in the first half for a nice lead at the break.
Abramov then scored his second of the evening, before Nando could soften the blow for the visitors with a goal from a penalty. Abramov completed his hat-trick in the closing stages of the match with Sokolov putting the final touch on another big Sinara Yekaterinburg victory against KPRF.
Interesting fact is that the last two matches that KPRF played in the Russian Superliga before this double-header was also against Sinara Yekaterinburg. Earlier in December, at home, KPRF was also unable to beat Sinara Yekaterinburg with matches finishing with 3:3 and 4:4 draws.
Sinara Yekaterinburg now holds the top of the table, with Tyumen lagging 6 points behind on second place. KPRF is currently third, 9 points behind leading Sinara Yekaterinburg, but with 4 matches less than their rivals.
We are definitely in for an interesting end of a regular season in Russia!