(HIGHLIGHTS) Jimbee Cartagena takes the lead in Spanish LNFS

The postponed match of Round 14 of the Spanish LNFS between O Parrulo and Jimbee Cartagena was played last night. An important match for Cartagena as they secured the 6-2 away victory that sees them take the top of the table!

And it all started fantastically well for Cartagena. In space of the first ten minutes of the match, Waltinho with one and Solano with two goals put Cartagena in front.

Cartagena's Juanpi extended his team's lead in the second half. O Parrulo's Kevin Chis scored two goals in two minutes by the middle of the second half, but that was all that O Parrulo was able to do goal-wise. Quite fast after, Franklin scored for Cartagena and Waltinho only sealed the victory with a goal in the dying minutes of the match.

Jimbee Cartagena now sits at the top of the league table with one point ahead of Levante UD FS.