(HIGHLIGHTS) Santa Coloma knocks Barça out of Copa del Rey

Quarterfinal matches of the Spanish futsal Copa del Rey have been played last night. Well, most of them, since the match between ElPozo Murcia and Antequera has been postponed.

Industrias Santa Coloma 3-1 Barça

Somewhat of a surprise to start the Copa del Rey round-up as Industrias Santa Coloma knocked Barcelona out of the Cup!

Slovakian international Tomaš Drahovsky put the home team in the lead at the start of the match and Barça immediately fell behind. They were able to equalize the score before the half-time though, thanks to an effort by Ximbinha.

By the middle of the second half, Drahovsky scored his second of the night and Barcelona had to push for that equalizer once again. They were unable to as Bruno confirmed the victory for Industrias Santa Coloma and secured the place for his team in the semifinal!

After a disappointing start of the season, Barcelona will not be happy with getting eliminated from the Cup in this phase.

Extended highlights:

Inter F.S 6-0 Jaén FS

Without much trouble, Inter FS secured their place in the Copa del Rey semifinal over Jaén FS who were unable to stop Inter's push. Thanks to goals by Daniel Saldise Martinicorena, Pola, and Eric Martel Garcia in the first half, Inter welcomed the break with a three-goal lead.

In the second half, Inter only confirmed their big 6-0 victory thanks to another goal by Eric Martel Garcia and Pola, with Cecilio adding his own name on the scoreboard.


Levante UD FS 8-1 Viña Albali Valdepeñas

The most dominant win of the last night's Copa del Rey roundup belongs to Levande UD FS who cruised over Valdepeñas scoring 8 goals in the process!

With two goals by Pedro Toro and one goal by Rafa Usin and Rubi Lemos, Levante already by half-time had a considerable advantage without being contested on the other end.

In the second half, Esteban added two more for Levante with Rivillos and Rafa Usin adding one more each. Catela scored the consolation goal for Valdepeñas.

Full match: