VIDEO: Cartagena is the new LNFS's leader!

In the postponed match of 17th round, Jimbee Cartagena defeated Real Betis 5:2 and jumped to the top of the LNFS's table. The team from Southeast Spain will lead the table at least until today at 22:30 (CET) after Levante finishes its match against Jaén (postponed match of 6th round).

Waltinho opened the scoreline in 2' and Lucão doubled Cartagena's lead in 18'. Chaguinha scored the first for Betis in 22', but Waltinho scored his second goal the minute later. Solano scored fourth for Cartagena and the end result was put after Cornejo (29') put the second for Betis and Jesús fifth for Cartagena (40').

Besides the match Levante - Jaén at 20:30 (CET), two more matches will be held today. ElPozo Murcia will host Córdoba Patrimono at 18:00 CET (postponed 16th round) and Viña Albali Valdepeñas will host O Parrulo Ferrol at 20:00 CET (postponed 17th round).