Kherson's head coach before Inter: This match can change our lives

With Aktobe - Dobovec match (February 18, 11:00 CET), the 1/8 finals of the Futsal Champions League have started!

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Tomorrow (February 19) two matches in Spain will be held. The first, between Spanish champion Inter Movistar and Ukrainian champion Kherson Prodexim, starts at 19:00 CET in Madrid. The second, between European champion Barcelona and France champion ACCS, starts at 21:05 at Palau Blaugrana. 

We asked all team representatives for the statements before the match and got them from Kherson Prodexim and ACCS.

Kherson is by far the best Ukrainian team, and they had a challenging period in the domestic competitions. Before Inter, Kherson had to play two Cup and one league matches.

"The calendar is unfavourable, mainly because we are the team that provides the most players for the national team. However, we showed the character in the decisive match against Energia and qualified for the Cup's quarterfinals", said Andre Brokanelo, the head coach of Ukrainian champion

And what about your next opponent, the famous Inter Movistar?

"Inter is one of the best teams in the world with the most trophies in the world's best league. This is our most important game of the season. It would be incredible to make this dream a reality. We will do our best to represent our club and our country in the best possible way. We have a skill and desire, hope we will also have a great fight on Friday. Everything depends on us. Positive thinking, exploring a great rival, respect, and courage...."

Kherson is training in Madrid for the past several days.

"February 19 is the day we can rewrite history. This game could change our lives", said Brokanelo. 

We also asked Inter Movistar's representatives for the statement but didn't get a response. Inter is currently the fifth team in Spanish Primea with 10 points and two games less than the leading Levante. In the last match before the Futsal Champions League match, Spanish champions defeated Burrela at the home parquet 5:3.