(HIGHLIGHTS) Magnus to the Super Cup final

With two victories from two matches, still undefeated Magnus Futsal secured its place in the 2021 Super Cup final.

In their first duel against Dois Vizinhos, Magnus celebrated a 3-1 victory.

Rookie Sinoê scored two goals for Magnus before Dois Vizinhos answered with a goal by Tuiu. Rodrigo put the final touch on Magnus' victory in the first round of the Super Cup.

Magnus secured their Super Cup final with another victory against Minas. This time they were even more convincing, beating the Minas team 7-3.

Danilo Baron, Charuto, Sinoê, Pedrinho, Lucas Gomes, Leonardo Lino, and Rodrigo, all scored a goal each for Magnus to secure the victory.

However, it is worth noting that Minas did not go without the fight. First, they equalized after trailing two goals, and then they equalized for the second time for 3-3. But they couldn't do much more, as Magnus was too dominant.

Later today, Dois Vizinhos and Minas play a match to see who will face Magnus again in the finals.