A huge surprise in Budapest: Israel shocked Hungary!

The national team of Israel shocked Hungary in Budapest! Guests won 7:3 and secured their first victory in Euro 2022 qualifiers Group stage.

Lavie opened the scoreline in 2', and Goldstein doubled Israel's lead in 24'. Hungary reduced the guest's lead 22 seconds before the end of halftime with Nagy's goal.

The first ten minutes of the second half were goalless, and then the cannonade started. Halevy (31'), Diedunov (32' and 33') scored three quick goals for Israel and a 5:1 lead!

Hungary responds in 34' with Rutai's goal, but Halevy scored his second goal in 37' for 6:2. By the end of the match, Vas scored the third for Hungary and Shkolnik put a final score in 38'.

The second match between those two teams will be played on 10 March 2021 in Ramar Gan.