SPAIN: "Crazy" epilogue in Zaragoza – Barca match, Levante stays on top (VIDEO)

The last three matches of the LNFS 24th round were played yesterday in three Spanish cities. Levante remained on top, after defeating Betis at a home parquet 2:1. Gallo scored in 31', Buenída equalized in 37', and Roger scored the winner in the match's last minute. With this win, Levante remained on the top of the table with six points more than Jimbee Cartagena.

The most exciting and shocking match of the round was played in Zagraoza between Fútbol Emotion Zaragoza and Barça, which drew 6:6. The show started at the very beginning. Zaragoza scored an opener (Javi Alonso) in the first minute of the match. 15 seconds later, Daniel equalized after a great strike, and the same player scored another for Barça at the beginning of the 2nd minute. In the first 75 seconds of the match, there were three goals!

Javi Alonso scored his second and equalized in 14', but Adolfo got Barça another lead a minute later. The nets were still until 23' when Matheus scored for a Barça's two goals difference. In 27' Richi Felipe scored third for Zaragoza, and with two quick goals in 31st (Ortego and Dian Luka), Zaragoza got their second lead.  

The result was 5:4 for Zaragoza until the last minute of the match. Daniel scored an equalizer 57 seconds before the end, but Adolfo scored an own goal 36 seconds before the match for Zaragoza's 6:5 lead.

However, in the last second, Villanueva got a red card for playing with hand in Zaragoza's penalty area. Ferrao was secure and got Barça a draw in the last second of the match. Therefore, we saw the goals in the first 75 seconds of the match and three goals in the last 57 seconds.

In the last match of the day, Viña Albali Valdepeñas defeated Peñíscola 7:2. Chino and Cainan scored twice for the home team, and Gonzáles, Nano, and Catela once. Igor and Rahali scored for the guest team.