Futsal is here started today!

Today a global futsal project launched called Futsal is Here at futsalishere.com. On the home page you can read a call to action from Mico Martic, one of the founders of the project:

"I believe you are key to achieving futsal development globally through this project. This new project, named FutsalIsHere, will provide the global futsal community with a platform to come together so we can all benefit."

"The solution is to unite futsal in one location to demonstrate our strength, increase our knowledge and speak with one powerful voice. My fellow futsal friends, I ask you to be part of this project so we can build a better future for our sport. The more we are, the stronger we become! This leaves me with only one thing left to say - Futsal is Here!" 

The project’s first action is the creation of this website to highlight the size and strength of our global futsal community. You can also join the project, and help to develop futsal together.

Watch the video below to see more about the project.