Turkey shocked France with late equalizer, Hungary bounced back to victory!

The first day of Futsal Week Winter Cup U19 brought us two very interesting matches. Match between Turkey and France was drama until the end, France was two goals ahead after 30 minutes, Hamza Louail and Leo Faytre scoring for their national team.

And when all thought France would secure the victory, Turkey fought back! Goktan Isilak scored in 32nd minute and put pressure on great French goalkeeper Garros, but even he could not save his team. In the last seconds of the game, Berkan Mahmut Keskin scored from the free-kick for the draw!

Turkey goalkeeper Adem Enes Ibrahimagaoglu was happier after the game:

“It was very difficult for us. We always want to win the tournament, and we can win all the games till the end!”

On the other side, Thibaut Garros France goalkeeper wasn’t so happy, but he believes that they can win the tournament: 

“I am very upset about the draw, Turkey played very strong. This is a high-level tournament, and with this sadly draw, we will be stronger for the next match and prepare more and better for the next games!” 

In the second game of the day, we saw a lot of goals, and it was a great game for futsal fans! Belgium had 2:0, and 3:1, but till the end of 1st half Hungary had 3:3. In the second half, Hungary captain Zoltan Szalmas scored 2 goals, and secured great start at Futsal Week! 

Belgium captain Imrane Achalhi wasn’t happy, but he is very optimistic:

“It was a very hard game, for both teams because we both played very well. We came 2:0 ahead, but after that Hungary created a lot of chances and the pressure was a little bit high on us. It’s ok, because it’s our first match, I am confident we will be better, and we will do everything to come back stronger! I want to congratulate Hungary because they played a great match”, he said and continued:

“I expect two very good next games, especially against France. We are neighbors and sports rivals. Against Turkey it will also be a very hard match, I saw the intensity of their game and how they played - very fast with a lot of chances. But we have a lot of talent in our group, a lot of very good players with a good technique and we just need to get better together and we will come back stronger.

On the other side, Hungary captain Zoltan Szalmas wasn’t happy with start, but in the end, he scored a hattrick and they won:

“The beginning was hard for us, we started a game slowly, I think it is because of Winter break. This was our 1st match in 2020, but in the second half we were better, we managed to concentrate and score two goals. I expect to win the tournament, but it will be hard!



Turkey - France 2:2

Hungary - Belgium 5:3




  • Hungary 3
  • France 1
  • Turkey 1
  • Slovenia 0
  • Belgium 0