France and Slovenia secured dominant victories against their neighbors

The third day of Futsal Week Winter Cup U19 played in Poreč, brought us two convincing victories of Slovenia and France. Slovenia defeated Hungary with 4:0, and France beat Belgium with 9:3 and jumped to the top of the table.

In the first match, Žan Janež opened the scoreline in the 2nd minute, afterward, Jure Suban scored twice, first in the 18th and second in the 31st minute and a few seconds later Tilen Cupin scored the last goal on the match and sealed his team's victory.

Žan Janež, Slovenia

Slovenian captain Žan Janež talked with us after the match: „Yesterday we didn't play as we thought, we had just around 8 pieces of training, and today we played a very good match. We have not a goal to win the tournament, our goal is to prepare for the nex qualifications and to create great results!“

In the second match, France was even more dominant against their neighbors, Belgium. Tristan Vandenplas and Abd Ennoure Ben Ajina socred before the half time and Tricolores scored seven more goals in the second half.

What is interesting, all nine France goals were scored by nine different players, even the goalkeeper Thibaut Garros scored when Belgium played with a goalie player.

Tristan Vandenplas, France

France player Tristan Vandenplas told us his impressions: „I am very proud of this win in the National team, we are representing the country, and the victory is victory! We better match after match, and we are learning to match after the match. The next game in Slovenia, we watch them, but we will not think about them, we will play our own game, and if we play our game, we have a better chance of winning. The level of this tournament is very high!“

Today, Turkey will face Hungary, and Slovenia will play against Belgium. Leading France is free.

Here are Fixtures and results:


04/01/2020, Saturday

16.00 Turkey – France 2:2 (0:1)


18.00 Hungary – Belgium 5:3 (3:3)


Free: Slovenia

05/01/2020, Sunday

16.00 France – Hungary 5:3 (3:3)

18.00 Slovenia – Turkey 3:9 (2:3)

Free: Belgium

06/01/2020, Monday

16.00 Hungary – Slovenia 0:4 (0:2)


18.00 Belgium – France 2:9 (0:2)


Free: Turkey

07/01/2020, Tuesday

12.00 Turkey – Hungary
14.00 Slovenia – Belgium
Free: France

08/01/2020, Wednesday

16.00 Belgium – Turkey
18.00 France – Slovenia
Free: Hungary



  1. France 210 16:7 7
  2. Turkey 110 11:5 4
  3. Slovenia 101 7:9 3
  4. Hungary 101 8:12 3
  5. Belgium 002 5:14 0