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New update on Futsal is Here Allows Players & Coaches to take careers to the next level

Futsal players and coaches looking to take their careers to the next level can now do so with the help of Futsal is Here. Until now it has been almost impossible for the majority of futsal players and coaches to make teams aware of their talent and, equally, for teams to find the players and coaches they need.

Futsal is Here's an exciting new update that solves this by allowing users to create profiles where they have an overall and individual skill rating based on input from current and former teammates and coaches.

Then clubs can use rankings and the search facility to find the players and coaches that meet their requirements.

This is the first time that futsal players and clubs have been able to connect in this way.

To get started players and coaches just need to create their profile on the Futsal is Here platform and start inviting people to rate them. They will be able to follow the ratings on their profile page and download them to share on social media.

This is a unique opportunity to take their futsal careers to the next level and become visible to the global futsal community whilst helping the sport take the next step in its development.