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Spanish futsal on road to professionalism

Last week, the LNFS (Liga Nacional de Fútbol Sala) started a high yielding campaign under the slogan #LigaFutsalProfesional. The league organization, together with its clubs, aims to achieve another step further in the recognition of futsal as a professional sport in Spain. This professionalization would include all first and second division clubs in Spain and it would mean a great deal for acknowledgment of futsal as a professional sport. This could also have a significant importance outside of Spain as well.

Futsal in the political arena

Continuing on this campaign, Mr Javier Lozano, president of the LNFS, has met with a representative of one of the largest Spanish political parties. During the meeting, political representatives have stated that they supported #LigaFutsalProfesional campaign and that they have a very clear view of futsal as a professional sport. The only thing missing is a regulation in law, which would declare this officially, but they remain confident that this proposal will gain support of majority of political groups in Spain.

Achieving professionalism

Back in May, LNFS has submitted an extensive report to Spanish High Council for Sports in which they emphasize that all requirements for achieving a professional status have been more than met. If accepted in further instances, this would place futsal in the same category as football and basketball in Spain. For time being, future of futsal in Spain looks very promising, and if you wish to learn more about its history – we already covered that part of the story!

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