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WearFutsal – a New Futsal Brand!

FutsalFeed launched its exclusive futsalwear – WearFutsal.

As we often emphasize in our originals, futsal is probably the most popular sport on an amateur level and is gaining massive popularity on a professional level with a rapid breakthrough on all continents.

Futsal is an attractive, dynamic, and exciting sport. Futsal is the sport of the future…

… or to paraphrase one of our columnists Otto Orf

„Futsal is the bitcon of sports“.

Now, you have an opportunity to join that movement further, to join the global futsal community and become one of their greatest promotors.

Now, you have the opportunity to WearFutsal!

We launched a high-quality "futsalwear" which you can wear wherever you like - on your training sessions, to the nightclub, to your school or even work.

Inaugural WearFutsal collection consists of t-shirts and hoodies.

Currently, WearFutsal can be purchased in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Still, we will soon expand to other countries - not only in Europe but in the entire world.

You can find the entire collection HERE.

WearFutsal and become an active participant in the fastest growing sport in the world.