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Welcome to FutsalFeed 2.0

Hello futsal enthusiasts!

At the beginning of this, by all means, a specific year, we started, an independent futsal website.

The idea of this futsal platform is to gather daily futsal content from the most relevant futsal websites in the world such as,,,, etc.

Besides that, we were bringing original content on a weekly basis such as interviews with most eminent futsal personas in the world, stories about global (and local) futsal topics, futsal analysis and other original futsal content.

The idea of this platform was to create a virtual place on which every futsal fanatic and enthusiast could find the latest news about futsal, find relevant statistic, reports and stories about burning futsal topics, history of our sport and much more.

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FutsalFeed 2.0

Since today, our mission of gathering all relevant information from the world of futsal has gone a step further. Besides original content and feed from other futsal websites, we will bring you the most important global futsal news daily.

Furthermore, we are introducing weekly columns from some of the eminent world futsal names (such as Dušan Matić and Douglas Reed), as well as some emerging (Antun Bačić), who will write about futsal in a weekly column. We are also negotiating with more well-known names, which we will announce when we officially agree to cooperate.

New design

As you can see, the new FutsalFeed will have a modern and more professional design and, we believe, it will be much more enjoyable to read.

Please give us your feedback on our current work and what would you like to see and read on in the future?

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Your Futsal Feed

Niko Rukavina,
editor in chief

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