Andreu Plaza: "It's probably the most important title in my life."

In all-Spanish final, Barça was victorious over ElPozo Murcia with 2-1. Dyego and Aicardo opened the scoring in the first half for Barcelona, but Leo Santana gave hope for Murcia and kept us all on edge of our seats for the remainder of the match.

This was third continental title for Barça having won the former UEFA Futsal Cup in 2012 and 2014, Catalan side made it once more to top. ElPozo Murcia suffered their second defeat in as many finals.

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Andreu Plaza, Barça's coach was extremely delighted after the match: "Now I'm still lowering my pulse. I suppose that with the passage of time I will understand the importance of this title. When the night is over I will have other emotions, now I am still letting it sink in." he said for

He also added that "For a coach who has been training for many years, this is the highest prize you can expect. I am very happy. It is not easy. It's probably the most important title in my life."

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Diego Guistozzi, ElPozo Murcia's coach and World Cup champion with Argentina, was pleased with his team despite the loss in the final: "In this sport, the team who scores the most goals win, and the most accurate have the best chance of winning. They had a 100% success rate. I am proud, I have no words to thank these players. I have found a team of my own, this is the team I want. This is the way."

"The truth is that the pain is great, because it is difficult to find a reason why we lost a game like this. They shot twice at goal, they passed the halfway line four or five times ... It is painful not to find an explanation." added Coach Guistozzi for UEFA's official website.

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Sergio Lozano, Barça's captain was over the moon after the victory: "I feel an immense happiness ... I said I didn't want to retire without winning a European Cup as captain, and here I am!"

Lozano also had an important message for everyone watching:"After the triumphs in 2012 and 2014, to win now in 2020 is a real joy. I want to send a word to all the people who are having a hard time at the moment. This pandemic is wreaking havoc on society. If we have made anyone happy with these games, we want to dedicate it to them."

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