England withdrew from UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 Qualifying stage!

English Football Association (FA) announced today that they are withdrawing from the UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 Qualifying stage and their match-up against North Macedonia!

The reason behind this decision is FA's risk assessment in regard to Covid-19 crisis. 

"We are very disappointed for the players and the staff who were looking forward to the tournament, however the decision not to participate has been made after careful consideration and is solely based on the safety and wellbeing of all those involved." said FA, and you can read their full statement here.

This comes as a bitter shock, as earlier the FA decided to cut funding to its futsal program and disband all national futsal teams. The Men's National Futsal Team was supposed to cease all its activity once it got knocked out of the tournament.

However, FA decided not to wait for the result of the match, but instead ceased it existence immediately with today's decision.

Players and futsal enthusiasts in England are understandably shocked and further appalled by this decision.

England Men's National Futsal Team issued a statement in which they said they "cannot trust FA's reasoning that this is for our welfare since they have treated us with contempt and a complete disregard for our well-being since their initial announcement on funding cuts for futsal".

You can read the statement in full on Twitter, on link in continuation.

Also, Save Futsal initiative clearly stated that England players and coaching staff had all agreed to travel and were happy to play regardless, but that it was the FA that did not secure minimum requirements for this match to happen.

This news comes at the time when this issue finally started to gain serious momentum. Unfortunately, this is a huge blow for English futsal. FA is currently the only national football federation that withdrew from the qualification tournament.

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