Carlos Barbosa held to a draw after going goal up against Joaçaba

On the far south of Brazil, in Santa Catarina, Joaçaba hosted Carlos Barbosa (ACBF) in 1/8 final of the Brazilian futsal leeague.

The match was full of scoring opportunities, but in the end both teams will have to satisfy with final result of 1-1.

Goalkeepers were stars on both teams and first half was full of their good interventions. Both Gian Wolverine and Pedro secured their nets and we went to the halftime goalless.

In the 24th minute of the match, visiting ACBF finally managed to score thanks to an effort by Bruno. Just a few minutes later however, Kauê equalizes for Joaçaba after the ball received a slight deflection after the shot.

Thanks to the goalkeepers, both of them puting a great performance, we didn't see any more goals by the end of the match.

Joaçaba and Carlos Barbosa will face each other again on 9 November (Monday). The only remaining two teams that still did not play first leg of their match-up are Atlantico and Pato. Their match was postponed for 10 November and the return leg for 16 November.

Interestingly, out of seven matches that have been played in this playoff round - six of them ended as a draw, with Joinville taking the only victory against Assoeva (5-0)

Three second-leg playoff matches are on schedule for today in Brazil. Corinthians will host Foz Cataratas at 11:00 local time (1-1), Magnus will host Campo Mourao at 13:15 local time (0-0) and Cascavel will host Minas at 19:00 local time (3-3).

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