Czechia - Croatia: Highlights and post-match interviews

Czech Republic is celebrating their fourth appearance on the FIFA Futsal World Cup after defeating Croatia in a penalty shoot-out drama yesterday in Brno.

"It's amazing for the whole Czech futsal. I hope we will use this success, because this progress at the World Cup can help us a lot. Not only in marketing and in terms of media, but also for attracting new futsal players. It is a great advertisement for futsal!" said coach Neumann in an interview for Czech television.

"We knew we were playing on a faster surface, that there would be faster balls and that we had to play more actively in front than in the first match. If we didn't play more actively, it could have been death for us." Neumann warned.

Yesterday's hero, Czech goalkeeper Ondřej Vahala said: "It was terrible for the boys, I'm there to catch something. I think the penalties were quite good for me."

Underestandably, atmosphere among Croatian side was dismal. Croatian head coach Mato Stanković commented: "I can't blame my players for anything, they played another great match. We dominated the entire match and what else can I say but - that is sport."

"Czechs pulled a few counter-attack on us, but we were always close to a goal scoring opportunity on the other side. It is hard for me now. I think we dominated and when these two matches add up, I think we were the better team." finished Stanković in his statement.

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