GUILTY: UEFA fined the FA for withdrawing its national team from Euro 2022!

According to Doug Reed, UEFA will fine the Football Association with €3000 and both matches between England and North Macedonia in the playoffs for the 2022 Euro 2022 Qualifying Group stage will be registered 5:0 for Macedonia.

„True, the level of the fine is not much but the significant factor is they have been found guilty o fan offence. UEFA found the FA did not have reasonable grounds to not play. Basically, their „player welfare“ claim has been exposed disingenuous as everyone expected“, stated Reed in his next Tweet.

Just to recall, England withdrew from UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 Qualifiers and their match-up against North Macedonia due to Covid-19 crisis.

"We are very disappointed for the players and the staff who were looking forward to the tournament, however, the decision not to participate has been made after careful consideration and is solely based on the safety and wellbeing of all those involved," said FA, and you can read their full statement here.

Immediately after the announcement, England Men's National Futsal Team issued a statement in which they said they "cannot trust FA's reasoning that this is for our welfare since they have treated us with contempt and a complete disregard for our well-being since their initial announcement on funding cuts for futsal".

Before that draconic decision, the FA significantly cut (already week) fundings for futsal in „the cradle of football“.

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